10 Topics I Am Excited To Read About in 2021

Everyone is busy inputting their goals in GoodReads for their reading lists and starting their 2021 goals of several books to read. But this year, I thought something more interesting would be to make a list of 10 topics that I would love to read about this year and learn more about.

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This way of keeping track of what I read is also inspired by the fact that I have started to take notes using the Zettelkasten Method. It inspires you to create your “Second Brain” by just creating notes and then linking them to other notes. The same way that your brain creates thoughts and links them to other thoughts in your mind.


Animals have always been dear to my heart ever since I adopted my two cats (Snow & Storm). Both of them have taught me so much about topics like life, sacrifice, love, climate change, environmentalism, and consciousness. I would love to learn more about this topic and see what I can uncover about them. I also feel that if we are able to treat animals better, we will naturally also treat our fellow humans much better than we do today.

In the past, I have enjoyed reading about this topic, and one of the noteworthy books was *Eating Animals* by Jonathan Safran Foer.


In Indian culture, arranged marriage is a regular topic that comes up. Your parents get to decide who you’ll be spending your life with. Though this has become much less popular nowadays, it still exists in some parts of the culture. I never wanted to have an arranged marriage, because I felt that I was either good alone, or with someone that I loved and cared for.

I found that someone when I was 19 years old and now she is my wife. The reason I would like to read more about this topic and learn about it whether it is via stories or non-fiction is that it is a daily part of my life. Knowing more about it will only make me understand it more if that’s even possible.


I feel like this is a much broader topic that I am unaware of. There are many sub-topics that I would love to learn about in Psychology. These include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, and friendship. Psychology is a topic that affects millions of people every single day, and I would love to know more about it so I can help others in life as well that deal with problems related to this.


I’ve always been an introvert and spent a lot of my time alone in my thoughts and being productive. A lot of my friends I talked to every day also were people that I never met before. This was all possible with the Internet, which has been a great thing for people like me.

Some questions I have about this topic that I want to uncover are: Why is solitude good for you? How can it be bad for you? How much time alone is enough, for you? And what can you do to make the most of your time alone?


I decided to adopt my cats instead of buying them because they were already homeless. The animal shelter was happy that I would take them in my care because they could then go and help other cats or dogs since they would have space for 2 more.

In the same way, there are human kids out there without homes and parents. They have been abandoned, or they are orphans. These kids need homes as well. I would love to know more about the experience of adoption from the parents’ perspective, as well as the kids’ perspective.


Culture is something we are all part of, whether we like it or not. Each culture is different from each other and each person in the culture may have a different perspective. In this year, I want to start reading about different experiences that people have in their own cultures, how it differs from my cultural values, and how I can also incorporate other values in mine.


Something that has crossed my mind is to take up more freelancing work because it can be more rewarding. Though it has been tough to get into because you need to have a presence online, and market yourself, and get your clients to pay the bills. It would be interesting to at least get started on your online presence and start networking. I’ve already started this on my website https://amanbhimani.com.

Software Architecture

Since I am in the software field, it’s fair that I should start expanding my knowledge in the next realm or stage. For me, this is software architecture. I’ve been writing frontend and backend code for developing websites, but I am still lacking in the architecture decisions that need to be made for writing good software.

(Personal) Finance

I have always been interested in Personal Finance, and I have already read a lot about it in the past. I have used these principles in my own life. Though, I feel that you cannot know enough about this topic because money is always changing. Your personal goals in life are driven by your finances to an extent. I believe that everyone would benefit from personal finance books, and I am really surprised that even highschools are not teaching this in classes yet.


I have always been a fan of learning new ways to live life, and Buddhism claims to be just that: a way to live life. It does not make you believe in something, and it does not force the beliefs on you. It is just about doing the most good in life, or whatever is possible for you. There are still some concepts in Buddhism that I am not a fan of, but just like anything, I like to take in all the positives and ideas that make sense to me and build upon those with my knowledge base.

Any More Suggestions?

Do you have any suggestions for topics or specific books that I should read? Comment them down below and I hope that either myself or someone may find your suggestions interesting and will consider them in this new year.

You can read more concepts or ideas on my website: https://amanbhimani.com. Thanks a lot for reading and getting inspired!

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